XMPP Server

We provide a free, private XMPP server, hosted in Russia.

  • Encrypted
  • Compliant
  • Private
  • Logless

Guaranteed Perfect Forward Secrecy

This server uses the latest stable versions of Prosody and nginx, which are both configured to only accept encrypted connections in order to guarantee Perfect Forward Secrecy , through the use of strong SSL certificates and the best cipher suites available both for client and server connections.

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Full Functionality

We comply with as many XEPs as possible in order to allow you to access all the features of XMPP, such as voice and video calls.

Some exceptions exist, for example the HTTP file upload feature, as we do not wish to host any user content.

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Tor and I2P Supported

We provide both Tor and I2P addresses for connection, so you never need to go through the clearnet to access your account.


We also have mod_onions installed, so you can communicate with XMPP servers on .onion addresses, and we run our own Tor relay node .

Additionally, you can check what IP the server sees you as from your XMPP client, or by adding /ip to any of our addresses in a browser.

No Logs

We do not log IPs and by default do not log messages.

You can activate message archiving (logging) from your XMPP client to be able to synchronize between multiple devices, however we recommend using some form of encryption such as OMEMO if you do so. Archived messages are deleted after one week.

OMEMO Clients

We recommend using Kaidan , Dino or Conversations to use our XMPP server, however all modern clients should work.

You can find a full list of clients on this page .


For security reasons, OMEMO, OTR or PGP encryption is required for conversations on this server. Outbound unencrypted/plaintext messages will be rejected with a warning message. This is also a way to prevent spam without having to resort to impossible captchas, as spammers do not encrypt their messages, thus they cannot use this server to send spam.

Registrations are open.