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New blockchain infrastructure


We are now launching more blockchain components!

Our blockchain infrastructure servers have been going live starting 07/03/2024, specifically validators on the Gnosis chain . As of today we have a count of 2 validators, one of which has already started producing blocks.

You can find our first block here:

If you study it carefully, you should find we leave a little memento in every block.

While this is not a service you can interact with, we are proud to provide better security for the blockchain and are very supportive of the Gnosis project in particular and its multitude of products that make DeFi better.

XMPP registrations are open


The XMPP server is open for registrations once again!

Both web and in-band registrations have been enabled. This is following the implementation of two very important modules to prevent spammers:

The first will block inbound spam traffic through behavior analysis, while the second will prevent outbound spam as spammers do not usually encrypt their messages and are likely to just head to a different server instead of implementing it. Unencrypted inbound messages will not be blocked by this, so you won’t miss out on any attempts to contact you.


Bitcoin ($BTC) to Monero ($XMR) swap now available


Our atomic swap provider has been tested and is ready for production. Thus, it is now available to the public!

It is now possible to obtain Monero directly from us in exchange for Bitcoin, all through the blockchain with no risk of losing funds thanks to Atomic Swap technology .

To find out how to do so, click the button below: