Privacy Policy

We don’t know who you are unless you tell us, nor do we want to know or even care. We do not keep any logs of IP addresses, messages, file transfers or transactions performed through our services. Your IP is however visible to us when you use our services. This includes the XMPP, Atomic Swaps and websites (though connections to the latter can’t be tied to any actual user). There is nothing we can do about it. If you wish to avoid this, use Tor, a VPN, a proxy or any other fun new technology that hides your actual IP address.

Acceptable Use Policy

While we do not care in general what you use our XMPP server to communicate about, there are certain things we do not tolerate, including anything related to the following:

  • Bomb threats
  • Terrorism
  • Human trafficking
  • Organ trafficking
  • Child abuse / child pornography
  • Spam

We do not monitor or log messages, but if we receive any proven report that you are using your account to perform activites in any way related to any of the above, or any other activity we decide is immoral, we will remove your account and its data from our servers without prior warning, and replace it with a locked account so it cannot be registered again.


In case of abuse, please reach out to us using the information on our Contact page.